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Baby Jane Harley

Meet Baby Jane Harley! Would you ever guess that her parents love to ride motorcycles? Well, they do because they are awesome!

This sweet little girl was named after her Great Grandmother which also happens to be my grandmother’s name. It’s a great name!

As I was holding her during the session, it made me miss having a small baby. They grow up so fast.  I swear parenting is so bittersweet. It is a constant ever-changing world and seems that we are always saying goodbye to one thing and hello to a new.  One day they no longer need us for certain things and we have to let a little part go.  Those cute little toes will one day become large sturdy feet.  Take advantage of the time we have when they need us the most. Kiss those tiny toes!  You won’t want to later. 😉

Being a Mother has always been important to me. Watching our little ones grow up as we grow up with them has been my biggest blessing.  One of my favorite parts of newborn photography is that I have the pleasure to spend some time with families who have just welcomed another member.

It is such an amazing adventure. Being able to capture those sweet moments so that they can have a lasting memory is such a beautiful thing.  I really enjoy seeing new parents… it is as if they have always been parents. The love we have for our children is instant and on such a deeper level than any other.

I am so happy for the growth of the Deru family.  Their newest member is a beautiful mix of both of her parents.  Gorgeous inside and out.

Mama’s favorite flowers are tulips.  Janes Father proposed in a beautiful field of tulips. And now look at them.

I have a good feeling that this little one will have a wonderful life. She has two amazing parents who will lead her into successes in life. Her Mother is a respiratory therapist who has traveled to Rwanda to help in assisting babies back in 2014. Such an admirable venture. Dad is an accountant as well as in the U.S Navy.

He has been in the military since 2001. He has deployed five times (let’s all take a moment to give him thanks for his services.) to Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Italy, and Spain.

They were a family before Jane, but Jane is here now to show them the ropes.  Cheers to the future. May your hearts be filled, a home full of laughter and surrounded by the ones you love.

Congratulations again on your newest family member… she is so squishy. I can’t wait to snuggle her again.


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