Camera transition and Photoshop growth.


I have been doing my own Photography for 8 years (2010).  A few years before that I worked in a few different Portrait studios.  I even climbed into management which I absolutely loved because I am a pretty good BOSS LADY.  I am actually laughing at myself right now because if ya know me well, you know that I can be pretty bossy.  I have 3 kids, I have to be bossy! But it all started in the second-grade play when I was telling my fellow classmates (they were holding up the sticks that held the house up, I was in the house) to hold the house up higher! I love that memory. In fact, I wish I had a photo of myself in that play (Ahem Ahem, no great technology/cameras back in that day).  I have grown to realize that I am best being my own boss. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a great team player but I really enjoy doing what I love and bossing myself around! Insert winky face here.

Although I enjoyed working in the studios, it wasn’t as fulfilling as going amateur with my own Camera. I had the freedom to express my own artistic eye. I started off with an Olympus E-500 and have finally upgraded to a Nikon D-600.  The difference between the two are night and day!  My skills have grown over the years and I keep striving to be better than before!  I am taking every opportunity to learn.  I even bought myself a book on mastering my specific camera! I want to be the best. I want to continue to evolve.  I am a perfectionist.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to not be so uptight about things being perfect and since I AM NOT perfect… I listen to myself when I say that and allow mistakes to be building blocks versus roadblocks. I will always pay attention to detail, that is just me. I also feel that paying attention is important for a photographer. I took a drive out to the country with my family on a Saturday afternoon.  The weather was perfect to seize the day.  I took my camera and my Husband took his metal detector which is his hobby.  I took some photos of my 3 daughters and my toddler wasn’t really excited about it. When I uploaded the images I noticed that my toddlers’ shirt was bunched up.scarchairlr In times like that, I will accept it but I know I can do better. I have learned that taking photos of your own children is more challenging than taking photos of others.  But isn’t she a doll?  Okay, I am biased of course.

I do have to admit, when I first started doing my own photography, I was way too photo edit happy. Meaning I went way too crazy during the editing process. Nothing like what Pam Zaring experienced. Hahaha, if you haven’t heard that story, you should.  It was pretty funny.  Real or not, a good laugh regardless. I would share a photo here, but I don’t have permission.

I started doing Product Photography for an online Armed Forces Super Store.  I am so thankful for the position that I was in for 2 years.  I took a lot away from that experience and mostly I learned so much in photoshop.

As time went on and I was doing Photography on the side I learned that less is more and that I can actually take photos that don’t NEED to be edited.  I think at first when I started in Photoshop (before working for the AFSS website) I was just trigger happy so to speak.  I thought, wrinkle?  What wrinkle?  I don’t see any wrinkles anymore.  Hahaha. No, but really, I have come to realize that all of our flaws (not saying wrinkles are flaws) are what makes us beautiful in our own unique way.

I have learned to chill on the editing of faces especially.  On the other hand, if someone asks me for a specific edit, I will be happy to oblige.

That is the thing, we learn as we go(grow)… don’t we?!  I have loved my journey as a Photographer and I will continue to grow each day.  I started this site so that I could make this a bigger part of my life.  This is my passion.  This makes me feel alive.  Being a Mother is fulfilling in its own way, but even Mommies need outlets huh?!

I sure hope to reach people and exceed my goals and share my Art with you all.  I see Photography as ART… not just images.

I enjoy all kinds of Photography.  Family, Babies, Children, Weddings, Senior Class sessions, Maternity, those photos only your husband will see (while keeping it clean) and Nature to name a few.




I am so excited to produce more! Take a look around.

I can already see such a difference in my Photography with an upgraded camera.  I am focusing on what my camera can do which in turn will be what I can do.  My old work is just that, old… not even close to what I will produce from here on out.  I did what I could with what I had. The knowledge I had, the equipment I had and now I have no excuse but to produce well.

About my watermarks, I have to chalk it up to the fact that I had a lot to learn.  I will never stop learning but oh boy those terrible old watermarks of mine.  Luckily the really old ones are not even up on my site.

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