Piper SnowCreek

There isn’t much more in this world that I find more beautiful than growing a tiny human being! Perhaps wondering if they will have our nose? We will hold them and kiss their tiny toes!  Creating art out of it is in close second for me!


It isn’t an easy journey for everyone and I feel so deeply for the ones who have struggled to make their dreams come true. I can truly empathize.

This goddess right here has been through it all and her joy emanates from her every move. She was such a trooper during this session as it was 37 degrees out and she was literally a day away from giving birth to her gorgeous little girl.  You Rock Breezy!


I am so happy that we were able to capture these images just before Piper was born. If we waited one more day, it would have been too late. The stars were aligned. A beautiful healthy baby was born and Moments were frozen in time (literally) hahaha.NIK_7666

Enjoy these precious times as you know they go by quickly. Congratulations Mama!




2 thoughts on “Piper SnowCreek

  1. Beautiful❤ What a truly amazing artist! Rashel….. Thank you so much for capturing the beauty and love between a mother and her unborn child. A memory that will last a lifetime, a story to be shared over and over. Less than 24hrs after these photos were taken, we welcomed the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Piper SnowCreek❤

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