My Rainbow

To my love, my light, my reason. It took a long time to get you here my dear. You bring so much light to my life when the darkest of days had been upon me. You came into my life at the perfect time. I have lost many pregnancies and had to give your big (baby) Brother back to the stars even before you were born.

The moment that I knew you were growing inside of me, I knew that you were a healthy vibrant spitfire just waiting to come to teach me all about what it is like to love oh so unconditionally.

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I had to wait a long time to see the test results that you were in fact not affected by SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). I knew it in my bones that you were healthy. I spent my 32nd birthday getting a CVS done. The invasive test was worth it.

You came to me with such strength. Your delivery wasn’t easy. Everyone was worried about you the moment you came out because you were stunned by the hard delivery. But I knew you would be ok. I just kept calling your name from across the room very calmly to let you know that I was there and that everything would be ok as theĀ medics and doctors were doing what they had to do considering your birth trauma. I remember everyone in the room seemed to go to the corners of the room, Your Daddy took over the video camera since others didn’t quite know what to do.


You were a beautiful robust baby! Large and in charge weighing 9 pounds 7 whole ounces! I recovered quickly and we all went home the very next day. I was not about those hospital beds and I have already spent all the time I ever “didn’t” want to in hospitals.


You were such a sweet baby girl. You slept through the night after only 3 months. I didn’t mind our late nights together. It was such a special time for you and I! Those special moments seem to continue to happen as time goes by for which I am very grateful. I will always remember rocking you to sleep and singing you are my sunshine every night of your life for the first two and a half years.

I am so proud of the little lady you have become and you are only almost 3 years old. You teach me more than I could have imagined. I am so lucky to call you Daughter.


I will always be here for you in this life or the next. Being your mom has been the biggest blessing of my life.

Shine bright my love. We are in this together. Thank you for being the sweet, kind, caring, spitfire that you are. I see a future boss lady in you, my dear.

Until tomorrow, good night my sweet Scarlet Rain.

There is a rainbow after every storm.

Love, Mommy

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