Mr. Brutus

First I have to say how ironic it is that I just opened my document to start blogging about this and the song, Stand by Me by Ben E. King just came on. I believe in signs for sure. So naturally I will play it on repeat as I write.

So many things come in and out of our lives. Many of those things are insignificant and therefore we do not miss them when they are gone, such as a headache or a load of laundry. But then there are those things we do care about, maybe it is that old pair of jeans you misplaced that fit so well… darn it, where did those go?! Well, then we have the things in life that come along in the form of true love… family, friends and our furbabies.

I want to talk a little about our furbabies. Specifically our dogs. They aren’t just dogs. They are a part of our everyday lives, they morphe into our family like they were always there and when they are gone, they never really leave!

Forever in our hearts and even around the corner. When we have to say goodbye they are still with us. We see them under our feet where we used to yell at them to move! We see them at the door waiting for us to get home. We see them running around our backyard. We see them eating and drinking at their bowls. We hear their dog tag clanking on the dish as they eat and drink. We hear them bark when they get excited. We smell their fur as we give them loves. It may now only be in memory but they will always be there. Our homes may seem empty but our hearts still full.

It doesn’t seem fair that our fur babies don’t live as long as we do. But I once heard this, “They carry so much love and compassion during their short dog years that there is no way they could live on longer as the love they carry is so intense.”

Yesterday I spent an amazing day with my first love. His name is Brutus, or as my daughter named him, Boobus! He is our family dog. My parents got him when I was 19 so I didn’t live at home at the time but I did transition back and forth a few times and I will say he was my first love. I now also have my Beans boy who is 8 and I call him my firstborn. ;). But Brutus was the first animal I ever loved. He lived 16 1/2 long years. His health has been declining over the years. No longer running to grab his toy from the corner when someone walked in the door to then no longer greeting you at the door and eventually not even noticing you came through the door. He still had his moments that make you think he is still good to go, but his cognitive was declining as well. He also had significant hearing loss.

(Cell Phone Image above.)

My Mom had to make the hardest decision whether or not it was time to put him to rest. She canceled the appointment on 3 separate occasions because she was second-guessing herself. I am so proud of her for making such a hard decision that no one ever wants to make. But she put Brutus and his health before her feelings and knew it was the right time.

I took my daughter over to spend his last day together as my Mom made him his favorite for breakfast, he had eggs and sausage. He ate all the good foods and got all the snuggles and took all the naps. He lived his best life and we are all so fortunate to have had him for as long as we did.

Brutus became such a big part of our family. Everyone who met him loved him. He was such an amazing boy. Always home, the occasional adventure as he would take off from the house and be found nearby. He had a few vacations to California and the Beach, but he was a homeboy. He loved sleeping and wouldn’t get out of bed until you did. He spent the night at my house a few times and shared the bed with Beans as if they were cousins. I loved it!

Our animals aren’t here long enough, but they sure do give us the unconditional love that we all yearn for. So special and will always be remembered.

This is the first loss I have ever felt for an animal. I have had many friends lose their animals and now I understand completely. We have all lost significantly such is life… but Brutus is my first furlove. I feel deeply for my Mom, Dad and little sister. My sister was only 10 when Brutus joined the family. They grew up together.

So hold your babies tight furry or not… they all mean the world to us.

Rest in paradise, Mr. Brutus. Over the rainbow bridge, you go. Till we all meet again. Now you are with your sister Stormy!

Love, your Family!

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  1. Oh my gosh this hearts my heart! This is so true they are a wonderful part of our families and they are always so giving. When you have to make this decision it is one of the hardest, but is truly an act of love. We have a Nicole & Macy that we had to make this terrible decision for. They will always be apart of our family. Thank you for sharing this.

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