A Birth Story…

This was my first time documenting a birth story. In fact, I have never been in a room while someone else was giving birth.

I have given birth to two beautiful children myself and I can say each and every birth story is unique.

I am so happy that I had the privilege to document my little Sisters birth to her perfect boy.

I remember when she was born! She was the sweetest little baby who grew into a terror. We called her Meghan-a-mess because she left a mess where ever she was. But she then grew even more (not much more in height, she is fun size) into a beautiful young lady. Driven, hard working, spontaneous and caring!

She had the cutest bouncing blonde curls and a button nose. She had big blue eyes and was born 9 years after me with her birthday 5 days before mine. She came to my 9th birthday at the roller rink in Fresno where we are from. I even gave her her first candy when she was 9 months old. I let her lick my blue ring-pop.

Her birth story was quite tiring but she was a trooper. She was so strong and willing to go the mile! It was not an easy birth, but she did it! Claytons Dad was so amazing during the long process. He never left my Sisters side. I appreciate him for that.

They both had so much support around them during their journey! His family was there. His Sister traveled all the way from Texas. I really enjoyed meeting her. Our family was there too.

My Sister went in to be induced which turned out to be nearly a week-long process. Each night myself and the family would go home to get some rest. We kept saying that we aren’t leaving without a baby today… but who were we kidding we weren’t in control of that. Bottom line is he was coming one way or another.

My Sister is a tiny thing and unfortunately, she was too small for such a big boy. Three hours of pushing the big guy didn’t even get past the pelvic bones. They knew plan B was the way he wanted to come into this world.

My poor sister basically labored both kinds of births! She is strong! She has quite a birth story to tell!

Clayton arrived at 12:51 am on June 30th, 2019. We waited in the waiting room until we knew she was out of surgery and all was fine. We again went home for some sleep and met the sweet boy when we woke up. He is PERFECT!

I am one proud Aunty! I am so proud of my Sister and Cody!
Congratulations to you both! Our families are so excited about our newest family member! We love you, Clayton Jacob Menning!



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  1. Beautifully written and documented! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey, that has only just begun.
    Love and hugs…Erin Rinehart❤️

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