Scarlet Rain is 3!

Here is my rainbow baby! Born after the loss of her big (forever baby) brother and the loss of her Sister. The journey to our Scarlet Rain was not an easy one but I would do it all over again if I knew this would be the outcome.

She is the absolute light of my life. Her loving caring heart keeps me soft. Her smart whit makes me proud. Her nurturing soul makes me happy to know that she too has maternal instinct just like her Mama.

I take her portraits every year around her birthday. This year I did a session and it wasn’t the look I was going for so I decided to reshoot and get her a few new gorgeous dresses.

I guess I am a glutton for punishment because although I had the intention of giving her a nap before her session, I didn’t! I thought we could storm it together. hahahaha. There is already a known “Photographers Curse” saying that our own children are the hardest to capture. It is so true. They want nothing to do with our cameras.

I wouldn’t typically schedule a portrait session for a little one during the times that they nap. But as I said, I am a glutton for punsihment. 😉 .

But, I drove a half hour from home and was determined to get this to work. Lots of jellybeans, icecream and swings bribes. Yes, no shame! Mamas gotta do what we gotta do in crucial times.

She did so good for being so tired and uninterested. Yes, I know… those smiles are a bit forced. But I love them anyway. To me she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

So here is to another glorious year. 3 is my favorite and lucky number so I am hopeful that the terrible 3’s will go easy on me and her.

I am so thankful to be her mommy. I stop and take in every moment that I can and I do not take motherhood for granted. One day she will be off to kindergarten and then hight school! One day she will be on her own. Right now, I will just take it all in and be grateful that she is here.

I love these dresses so much, I may do another session with her in these. I just can’t help myself. I am determined to get some genuine smiles. She says “cheese” a lot which is something I tend to deter from during a clients session. Cheese isn’t the best way to create smiles.

Cheers to another glorious year with my baby girl! She is strong, sweet, and healthy! Happy Mama here.

Hug your littles and let them know how much you love them every day. Be present and listen to them when they are trying to communicate. They grow up too fast!

-Rashel Rene

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